Singer, Guitarist, Bandleader John Malino

John Malino is based in New York City but has played from coast to coast, from Birdland and the Kennedy Center to the Santa Monica Pier. A singer-guitarist he has worked with the best jazz musicians in the world, playing everything from Harold Arlen to Hank Williams.

In his over 20 years as a bandleader, Malino has shared the stage with jazz legend Lionel Hampton, and sax great David Sanborn has played sax on Malino’s original tune, “If I Had a Genie.”

Malino, once called a “velvet-voiced baritone” by the press proudly states, “I’m one lucky man, because I work with the best musicians in the world. We get into playing anything, from Frank Sinatra to Hank Williams.  We don’t see any boundaries in music. And there’s nothing like the spontaneity, the electricity between us and the audience.” This stands to reason- the John Malino Band knows how to rock the joint as well as deliver the subtle romantic moods of the Great American Songbook.

When the John Malino Band plays, they don’t fool around. All the musicians in the Band have a long list of accomplishments. “We want to enjoy every song we play with the highest caliber of musicians,” says John Malino, “and we love a smart audience that appreciates quality.”

Born John William Scheuer in Manhattan, Malino spent much of his childhood in Washington, D.C.  His father, James H. Scheuer, was a Congressman for New York City for 27 years. His mother was interior designer Emily Malino.  John studied at Bennington College and then came back to NYC to pursue music.

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